“The skills acquired are great and help to distinguish us among the crowd”

Doh Bertrand, #AFFCameroon Cohort 3 Fellow

“The #AFFCameroon training I got has contributed to transforming my professional life. The skills acquired through the training now makes me a jewel in my newsroom as colleagues now rely on me to fact check pictures, videos or posts that we come across on social media and want to use to develop news ideas.

The training has also imbibed in me the skills to counter social media hate, disinformation, misinformation and malinformation without picking fights with those spreading such. I think this has been so helpful to me especially within this context of the rising phenomenon of hate speech, regional mentality among colleagues and cameroonians.

It has also helped to transform those beside me and my community as I have been a veritable ambassador in countering hate and fake-news. My advice to the next set of cohorts is to take the lessons so seriously. #AFFCameroon programme is not just one of the seminars where people attend for the sake of pediem. The skills acquired are great and help to distinguish us among the crowd. They should also practice what they learn especially through blogging, as it helps to make their work standout. In all, #AFFCameroon training and #defyhatenow have been a blessing to me. Looking forward to more training opportunities!

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