No, this video was not shot as part of the peaceful marches of September 22, 2020

The author of the publication asserts that the tone of the marches is set in the city of Bamenda, region of northwest Cameroon. After verification, this is an old video made in 2017 during the demands of teachers in Bamenda. A publication to get the adrenaline pumping on this special day in Cameroon.

The video was posted around 10:15 am in the “Cameroon is Cameroon” forum by the named Mooh Massah. The text, all in capital letters, which accompanies the said video is precise and concise: “BAMENDA A DONNÉ LE TON”. The same video posted on YouTube is titled “  Unpublished. Bamenda Peaceful March kicks off  ”. Messages that speak volumes in a particular socio-political context. Which is marked on September 22, 2020, by the so-called “peaceful” marches organized by Maurice Kamto, the national president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, an opposition party.

In less than two hours, said video posted to Facebook had over seven thousand (7,000) views, over 31 comments and over 31 shares. While that of YouTube totals 4,680 views, 57 comments and more than 240 likes. A quick glance at the 88 comments recorded (at the time of capture), we realize that opinions are divided. Some believe that this is not a video filmed in Bamenda: “  It is not Bamenda. Bands of liars ”,“  You take people like crazy  ”,“  what Bamenda is he talking about even Noh? Liar  ”… can we read here.

Others, on the other hand, believe firmly and attest that these are indeed the images of the day in Bamenda: “  Wtf. Serious? Mince kel crowd  ”,“  Calm down, it’s Bamenda here. No French-speaking region has balls! “,”  Bravo, that was the first step “,” The woman killed with the baby on her back was in Mali. Even here we are in Mali. It’s not even Bamenda. Bunch of SARDINARDS  ”.

Who of the two camps is telling the truth ?. After verification, it is indeed a peaceful march organized in Bamenda, under the watchful eye of the city police. Does it have a link with the march of September 22, 2020? Of course not. Because, in the video, we can hear the voice over shouted ”  Amba oye  “.

We therefore initiated an in-depth search on the same social network using the keywords: ”  Manifestation  ” and ”  Bamenda  “. We found one of the video videos published on September 22, 2017 on the Facebook page of the BBC Africa channel with the title “Cameroon: demonstration for the partition of the country in Bamenda in the English-speaking area  ”. We find the same video published on YouTube published on September 25, 2017.

We know that the said region has languished under the weight of the crisis for more than three years. We can understand that this video is part of a manipulation. But, it does not exclude the demonstrations which are multiplying in the cities of Cameroon resulting in this fact, many violations of collective and individual freedoms.

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