Yukfu Sylvie Bantar

Yukfu Sylvie Bantar

Yukfu Sylvie Bantar, is a Cameroonian journalist. She works with Cameroon Radio Television, at the North West Regional Station in Bamenda. She has 10 years of work experience in the audio-visual and digital media.

She is experienced with a broad range of newsbeats and with both editorial and production skills. Yukfu is quite knowledgeable in social media management. As a Public Relations Expert, She works as Communication Officer for Cameroon Renewable Energy Company and communication consultant for other Civil Society Organizations based in Cameroon.Yukfu Sylvie is 2021 fellow for International Women Media Foundation (IWMF) for Global Health Reporting Initiative for Vaccines and Immunization in Africa. Internews’s Earth Journalism Network fellow, 15 th conference of parties to combat desertification. She is a member of the communication group of the South Africa based organisation, Africa Vaccine Manufacturing Initiative. Yukfu is 2022 Africa Fact Checking Fellow with #defyhatenow Cameron Cohort 7. She is a media for peace Fellow still with #defyhatenow Cameroon. The Public Relations Specialist is currently Central African Non-Executive Director at Africa Corporate Governance Institute. She holds a Master of Science in Corporate Communication and a Bsc.(Hons) in Journalism and Mass Communication all from the University of Buea, Cameroon.

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