Verina Mbu-kyan Mondua, Content Creator

Verina Mbu-kyan Mondua, Content Creator

Verina Mondua is a Development Communicator, a Gender and Digital Rights Activist, a UNESCO Ambassador for peace and a content creator. Currently, she is a volunteer Communication Officer at Center for Advocacy in Gender Equality and Action for Development – CAGEAD. She is the brain behind “Girls Up Tt CAGEAD (GUAC) Club”. Verina has professional training on Menstrual Hygiene Management and Gender Based Violence. She has received the bronze medal of the Duke of Edinburg Award in public speaking. She is an undergraduate at the University of Bamenda in anticipation of a BSc in Communication and Development Studies.  Through her contents such as videos, poems, drama and slam poetry, CAGEAD has been able to shed light on countering GBV in the digital sphere; as well was ways to strengthen preventive measures against covid-19 both online and offline. Twitter: 

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