Etoh Anzah Herbert A

Etoh Anzah Herbert A

ETOH ANZAH HERBERT A is a postGraduate student at the University of Bamenda studying Human Resource Management, he is a committed Youth leader and a Sustainable Development goals Strategist with over seven years experience in community mobilization,

Advocacy strategies, leadership and management, youth empowerment activism.

As a young and dynamic person, he has Inspiration to reach out to the community, create positive impact and put smiles on people’s faces. He is a community Mobilizer and has a focus to drive sustustainble changes to community development. He is very passionate about community service, diplomacy and humanitarian works and has over the years volunteered with different organizations to contribute to community development. He has most especially worked on projects around peace and justice, environmental sustainability, Waste management, Human rights, Quality Education, women and girls, youths and children . So he has in-depth knowledge about local community Development. As a result of his volunteerism journey he is strongly skilled in public speaking, communication, mobilization sensitization,advocacy and activism . Good, SMART and Dynamic in implementing different innovative ideas to drive change. He was 3-Times president of the CATUC Students Council (CASCO) 2018, 2019,2020 A Body he worked hard in his school Days to establish and give it the Necessary weight it has till Date. He is 1-Time Executive Assistant to the Deputy Registrar for students Affairs of this University.

He is the Founder and Executive Director for the Global Visionaries Network a non governmental organization that has contributed to the Development of f different community and counts the

direct life changing impact on Hundreds of vulnerable children, women and girls. He is Cameroon’s Focal point for the Pan African Institute for Sustainable Development (PANAISUD) and Commonwealth Youth Ambassador under the Ministry of External Relations. As a youth leader in Cameroon, he envisions a world where Youths and women are actively participating in policies and decision making processes. To this effect, he has been conferred the

Status of a Youth Parliamentarian where he represents young people in his constituency at all levels of decision making, he Monitors and interprets government policy and questions it when need be, Mobilise resources to support young people.

Rally young people and build their capacity to participate in governance, Educate his peers on existing opportunities and how to attain them.

He is the Founder and President of the North West Youth parliamentary Network (NOYOPAN) and Vice President and speaker of the Cameroon Youth Parliament.

And He is the President of the Association of Conscripts of the Civic service in the North West

Region. a Network of 2000+ youths Amongst others.


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