Nota Mbeunkeu Lenae Martinez

Nota Mbeunkeu Lenae Martinez


Nota Mbeunkeu Lenae Martinez, Born on March 31 1995 in Douala, Cameroon is a journalist/TV host with over 5 years of professional experience. She has an innate passion for entertainment, mostly culture, sports, and lifestyle, she is making a significant mark in the entertainment industry. Lenae Martinez recently took the television world by storm as a TV Host working with Sun+TV Cameroun, where she treats news items or topics bringing out lessons, which could edify and teach the public. Her fresh perspective and engaging style quickly garnered attention and praise from both viewers and industry professionals. She looks forward to exploring new horizons, tackling exciting projects, and continuing to captivate viewers with my magnetic personality to offer fresh and engaging content to entertain and inform viewers. It is with great pleasure for her to be part of the cohort 9 AFFCameroon fellows. She believes the training is going to boost and give her added skills to carry her work positively. 

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