“After my #AFFCameroon training, I had to edit all my social media platforms”

Mbuh Stella, #AFFCameroon Cohort 2 Fellow 

“After my #AFFCameroon training with #defyhatenow, I had to edit all my social media platforms. I was no longer proud of some of the information I previously shared. I even had to delete some!

I’m particularly a proud #AFFCameroon Fellow, as the fellowship helped me look beyond the pictures and videos I see, as well as the claims that usually accompanied them. Within the context of an armed conflict, the fellowship opened me to tools that enable me to dig deeper to get the facts. I have learned to collect, treat and interpret data and present them in a manner such that anyone can understand.

In my community, I easily detect fake news, misinformation, disinformation and hatespeech, and communicate the facts to community members both online and offline. The lessons learned have been shared and I’m still sharing with colleagues and Community members, this way, I get many people to be aware that not all information they come across is factual. 

The fellowship equally widened my networks and from the different capabilities of other fellows, I have learned new tools. The follow up by #defyhatenow gladdens my heart. The team is always available and continuously to shape us, I receive replies to my worries almost instantly. I wish #defyhatenow gathers us again for more. I don’t mind attending over and again. For me the fellowship was a stitch in time!”

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