Ndong Clinton Toh

Ndong Clinton Toh

Ndong Clinton Toh is a communicator who began his journey in the media world at City Fm Radio Bamenda as a Radio Technician, and later upgraded to a presenter and then to the News desk. In Early 2019, he moved to Dream Fm Radio Network Bamenda where he is currently serving. He served as the Chief of News, Chief of Programs and doubles as the Technician. Ndong Clinton Toh Funly Called Boss Bangs ( Ur Local Promoter) is also involved in the act of promoting young talents across Cameroon (cultural Promoter). He is currently a fellow of the African Factchecking Fellowship. He looks forward to acquiring knowledge and skills in fact checking that will help him in his professional career and contribute in fighting fake news, misinformation and disinformation on social media platforms as well as his community. 

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