Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz is a Postgraduate student of The University of Bamenda currently pursuing a master’s degree in Literatures in English after bagging a Bachelor’s degree in the same field two years ago.

Abdul Aziz is a Peace and Community Development Enthusiast and has for the past 5 years engaged actively to reduce hostilities and enhance peaceful coexistence among ethnic and religious divides in the North West Region and Menchum division where these hostilities are rife. His activities in this capacity earned him a decoration by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education in collaboration with the Governor’s office of the North West as the Region’s Most Impactful Youth in 2022, an award he received from the Governor himself. Coming from a minority Nomadic Mbororo Fulani community in the North West, Abdul Aziz has thus far fought with conviction for the inclusion of the people of his community in Civic spaces and also equitable media representation. In a bid to achieve this, Abdul Aziz inspired the creation and running of the Menchum Youth For Peace Coalition to facilitate Safe, Open and Inclusive platforms where young people from all Ethnic and Religious divides can engage actively to promote a Peaceful, Inclusive and Sustainable Menchum Division. Abdul Aziz strongly believes that it is only on the bedrock of Peace, Justice and Inclusion that a community can truly thrive. He is currently a fellow of the African Fact-checking fellowship of #defyhatenow.

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