About #AFFCameroon

The #Africa Fact-Checking Fellowship Cameroon (#AFFCameroon) is an initiative by #defyhatenow in partnership Data Cameroon which aims at promoting fact-checking, data journalism, and digital rights among journalists, bloggers, and content creators in Africa. The three-month program is geared towards providing fellows with the skill sets and tools needed to tackle the current misinformation challenges in their communities.

#AFFCameroon Fellows

#AFFCameroon Fellows identify and evaluate the potential reach of the stories online and the impact if any offline. The program is focused on how to cultivate the skills needed for creating a healthier and safer online experience for all users devoid of toxic ideologies, hate speech, misinformation, disinformation and fake news which are ingredients for violence.  All fellows  contribute to a bi-monthly briefing that is aimed at evaluating their awareness level of information as they give an analysis that help institutions and social media users to be less susceptible to hate speech, fake news and incitement to violence.

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